Yeldari Cable Stayed Bridge

Parbhani, Maharashtra

Project Overview

The project features Cable stayed bridge at Purna river near Yeldari Dam on Phaleghat-Yeldari Jintur Road SH-248.

The cable stayed bridge has span arrangement of 60+120+60m and a deck width of 18.5m with clear carriageway of 11m & footpath on either sides. RCC ladder deck type superstructure & H shape pylons with 2 planes of cables supporting the deck is proposed. The cables are stressed in 2-stages: First stage stressing is proposed after casting of T-arms on each side (using ground support) and second stage stressing is proposed after casting of stitch segment and laying of SIDL. Open foundation resting on rocky strata is proposed underneath each Pylon leg.


PWD Maharashtra


T&T Infra Ltd


INR 80 Crores


Parbhani, Maharashtra

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Technical Details

Total Length


Typical Span

Special span

60m + 120m + 60m Cable stayed


RCC Ladder Deck with two main beams under the stay cables and cross beams to support the riding surface

Deck width –18.5m


H Shape pylons of height 30m resting on open foundation on hard rock