About Force SE

Force SE is a bridge engineering firm, providing innovative design solutions for a wide spectrum of bridge types. We stand as the top choice for engineering partners in the global arena, specializing in large-scale infrastructure projects and magnificent, long-span bridges encompassing Cable-Stayed, Extra-Dosed, Network Arch,

Founded in 2013 by a quartet of visionary IIT Bombay alumni, Force SE has since evolved into a formidable team. With a dedicated team of passionate bridge engineers and meticulous drafters, we’ve cultivated excellence over the past decade. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, regardless of project size or complexity, with our founding partners personally invested in each endeavour.
The cornerstone of our success lies in cultivating enduring relationships that extend beyond singular projects, consistently delivering value to our clients. We forge deep connections with our clients and partners, embracing their challenges as if they were our own. Clients choose us not only for our unwavering commitment to safety and top-notch service but also because our relationships are firmly anchored in trust.
At our core, we treasure the recruitment and retention of exceptional talent. Embracing evolving codes and cutting-edge software, we foster a culture of continuous learning to sharpen our knowledge base. We’re also firm believers in harnessing technology to craft systems that deliver precise and efficient solutions. Through the automation of design and drawings, we empower our engineers to focus their efforts on the essence of engineering itself

Smart, efficient and reliable, we are always looking for the best and beautiful solutions for our clients, communities and environment!


Reshape the world’s landscapes by engineering iconic, sustainable bridges that seamlessly connect communities, enrich lives, and inspire awe, setting the gold standard for the future of civil engineering!


Bridges are our passion, and we’re unrivaled in our expertise. Our solutions go beyond cost-efficiency; they embody innovation. In a rapidly evolving world where time is precious, our punctual delivery and unwavering customer support position us as the ultimate dependable partner for our clients.

Our Values

At Force SE, our mission is to leverage our expertise in bridge engineering to transform dreams into reality. We are dedicated to:

Continuously pushing the boundaries of bridge design and construction

Sustainability to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment and society

Nurturing long-lasting partnerships by exceeding client’s expectations

Upholding the highest safety standards

Fostering a culture of innovation and excellence to engineer the most complex bridges

Expanding our global footprint, connecting communities, and enhancing the world’s infrastructure for generations to come

Meet the Core Team

Abhishek Sanyal


Abhishek is always looking for an out of the box solution, be it engineering or business. He has a flair for aesthetics & develops designs that seamlessly merge with the environment. Learning & development of engineers is a key focus area for him.

Akhilesh Lahoti


Akhilesh has worked across Europe and UK and brings with him a professional outlook and work ethics at par with global standards. With key focus on client satisfaction, he has managed to build long-lasting clients for Force SE.

Deepak Prajapati


Being a gold medalist from IIT Bombay, Deepak has strong technical understanding and a keen eye for details. He has played leading role for many long span bridges including network arches, cable stayed bridges etc. engineered by us in the last decade.

Prateek Jain


Prateek looks after the business development & day to day operations. With great interpersonal skills, he has managed to acquire many construction giants as our clients. His interest lies automation and machine learning.

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