Narmada Bridge

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Project Overview

Located in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, near the city of Jabalpur over river Narmada, this bridge forms a crucial link in the under-construction Jabalpur ring road. Crossing the river Narmada which is 900 meters wide, this structure required long spans of 150m. Additionally, banks of Narmada are developed with tourism in mind, thus aesthetics of this bridge was very important to the project owners.

Solution proposed and under construction is of a two plane system extradosed cable stayed bridge with fan type stay cables. Single cell box girder with struts are provided to carry 3 lanes of vehicular traffic as well as heavy pedestrian traffic on 20.8m wide deck. Twin leaf type piers are provided to improve the seismic performance of the bridge as well as minimize effects of thermal and long term effects. Pile foundations unique to each location based of significant variations in bed rock profile are provided.

Pre-cast segmental construction is used for construction of extradosed spans, for which detailed construction stage analysis with temporary prestress during construction as well as accurate pre-cambering analysis is carried out to obtain casting geometry of segments.


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)


Jandu Construction India Pvt. Ltd.


INR 150 Crores


Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

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Technical Details

Total Length


Typical Span


Special span



Extradosed bridge with strutted box

Precast segmental construction

PSC I girders for approach viaduct

Deck width – 20.8m


Aesthetically appealing wine glass shaped combination of piers and pylons resting on 1500mm dia pile foundations socketed in soft rock


One of the longest continuous extradosed bridge in India with multiple units of 150m