Chennai Port Elevated Corridor

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Project Overview

Located in the port city of Chennai, near the Covum river estuary, this project is part of a 20 KM elevated viaduct which is meant to carry container traffic from Chennai port, directly outside the city limits, so that port traffic does not interfere with daily city traffic. Additionally, the viaduct is also a double decker structure, with the 2nd level meant for uninterupted port traffic, and the first level meant for city traffic. Thus, first level also has a number of up and down ramps along the length of the viaduct.

Both the first level and 2nd level are single cell strutted box with segmental construction methodology. Twin level piers are provided with bored cast in situ piles. Additionally, the alignment follows the flow of covum river with almost the entire alignement in curvatures of various radii, making many of the spans unique and varied.

A special span near the river estuary is provided with Extradosed bridge of span 75m+150m+75m to carry the traffic over the widest point of the river. As the alignment travels over many existing bridges, 10 obligatory spans of 50m are also provided which are to be constructed over existing running bridges.

With a total of 260 spans and equal number of foundation, most of which are unique due to varying curvatures and significant geometry constraints, the most challenging part of the project lies in the construction friendliness of the design and to enable construction for the entire stretch in 30 months.


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)


J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd


INR 1750 Crores


Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Technical Details

Total Length

9.8 Km

Typical Span


Special span




Precast segmental Post tensioned box girder with concrete struts to support large cantilever

Deck width 26m for level 1 and 23m for level 2


Aesthetically detailed rectangular pier for level 2

Circular pier for level to allow smooth water flow

1200m dia friction piles


Longest double decker bridge in India carrying vehicular traffic on both levels