Jabalpur Elevated Corridor

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Project Overview

The elevated corridor is a vital link connecting the two parts of Jabalpur city which are divided by the busy railway line. Comprising of Extradosed bridge spanning over Madan Mahal station with a central portion of 193m and state-of-the-art elevated rotary to disseminate traffic towards important business zones, this project posed many engineering challenges and demanded innovative solutions.

The 12.9m wide deck carries a three lane traffic. Prestressed concrete box girder is chosen for structural efficiency and ease of launching over congested city roads. Several up and down ramps are provided to facilitate entry and exit to elevated corridor from areas of heavy traffic. Bowstring spans of 65m are provided at large at grade junctions for easy movement as well as aesthetic appeal.

Force SE were selected by authorities for proof checking of this project and also served as a value engineering partner to contractor to optimize the designs prepared by DDC. Being a specialist in cable supported structures, we continuously advised our client during construction of extradosed bridge for a smooth execution.


PWD Madhya Pradesh


NCC Ltd.


INR 660 Crores


Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

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Technical Details

Total Length

5.9 Km including ramps

Typical Span


Special span

96m + 193m + 96m Extradosed bridge

65m steel bowstring


Precast segmental Post tensioned single cell box girder

Deck width 12.9m


Aesthetically detailed pier head over circular pier

1000m dia friction piles


2nd longest extradosed span in India

Elevated rotary with 3 arms