Amar Mahal Flyover

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Project Overview

Amar Mahal Junction in the city of Mumbai is one of the busiest junctions in the Eastern suburbs of Mumbai island city. An existing flyover at Amar had developed failures during its service life and had to be replaced/augmented with minimum disruption to running traffic. Thus, the entire flyover was to be replaced in a time period of 11 months including time for design and construction.

Scope of work included dismantling analysis for existing 60m truss, Design of new superstructure and safety check for existing substructure for 230m long flyover portion and improvement of road profile and pavement.

Technical challenges in the project included keeping one carriageway running while dismantling and reconstruction of the other carriageway and then vice-versa, both within 11 months. Additionally, the existing substructure levels were to be matched with new road profile, causing geometric complexities of fabricated steel elements unique to each I girder. Finally, traffic flow improvement and management of traffic during construction was also pivotal to the city. Due to these complexities, Amar mahal flyover was a project hinging on design-site coordination and logistical problem solving skills.


PWD Maharashtra


NCC Ltd.


INR 65 Crores


Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Technical Details

Total Length


(Approach ramps + flyover)

Typical Span


Special span


E350 grade structural Steel composite girder with cast in place deck slab

Deck width – 2×11.4m


Reused existing wall type piers of original bridge


Dismantling and rebuilding completed in less than a year to reinstate the smooth traffic flow on eastern express highway

Maximum skew – 51.7 degrees