Parwan Bridge

Aklera, Rajasthan

Project Overview

The project is part of NH-752 Baran-Aklera Road Section in the state of Rajasthan. It includes two major bridges, first of length 412m on river Parwan and second of lenth 123m on its tributary along with approaches. The bridges are of key importance as they link two regions that are disconnected with each other for 4 months during monsoon period.

Both the bridges features typical 41.25 m span twin cell PSC box girder superstructure with 16m deck that caters to 4 lane of traffic along with footpaths on both side. The piers are of around 15.0m height and rectangular in shape with water cut to cater to high water currents. The shallow open foundations is rested directly on the riverbed rock. Another special feature of the project is the use of Vetiver grass for slope stabilization and erosion protection on the road embankments.


Ministry of Road Transport & Highways


Poddar Construction Company


INR 55 Crores


Aklera, Rajasthan

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Technical Details

Total Length

2.570 km including 123m river bridge and 412m river bridge over river Parwan

Typical Span


Special span


Precast segmental Post tensioned twin cell box girder

Deck width 16m


Wall type piers with watercuts to allow smooth flow of river currents

Pier heights ~ 20m

Open foundations on shallow rocky strata


Constructed using ground support system during dry season of river

Segments fabricated near abutments and transported by gantry