Indora Dighori Flyover

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Project Overview

The project aims to decongest the area between Indora Chowk to Dighori Chowk  in the city of Nagpur. The project alignment runs amidst highly congested area of city and poses unique challenges to ensure minimal disturbance to locals during construction phase.

The project is divided in 2 flyovers (approx. 4.5km & 2.5km) with 2 ROBs, 2 RUBs, 1 Elevated Rotary & multiple ramps. The scope also includes dismantling of an existing old flyover/ROBs.

Typical 36m precast segmental box girder superstructure is provided for first Flyover and 60m UHPFRC U girder is provided for second flyover. Due to space constraints, monopiles are typically proposed in first flyover. Project also features cable supported elevated Rotary with 5 arms.


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)


NCC Ltd.


INR 700 Crores


Nagpur, Maharashtra

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Technical Details

Total Length

8.9 Km

Typical Span

36m for Flyover 1

60m for Flyover 2

Special span

90m UHPFRC U girder – One of the longest in India


12m wide

Post tensioned Segmental Box Girderfor flyover 1

UHPFRC U Girder for flyover 2


Aesthetically pleasing curved pier head

Circular piers

Mono piles of 2000mm diameter for Flyover 1

1000mm pile groups for flyover 2


Cable stayed Elevated rotary inspired from famous Ashoka stambh

By far the highest consumption of UHPFRC in any project in India