Tirupati Elevated Corridor

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Project Overview

The Tirupati Elevated Corridor was envisaged as part of Tirupati Smart City project with the vision of establishing Tirupati as a 21st century model pilgrimage city that promotes arts, innovation and sustainable growth. The two main objectives of the project were to improve the experiences of the pilgrims that will leave a lasting impression on all those entering, leaving or living in the city and to decongest the traffic movement.

The Elevated corridor has been designed keeping the above objectives in mind. The total project length is approx. 9.8 Kms which includes 6.860 Kms elevated viaduct and ramps. The design of substructure and superstructure seamlessly integrates the religious and cultural heritage of the city. The spine and wing shape of superstructure represents Lord Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu and the tapered substructure incorporates the insignia of Lord Vishnu and seamlessly integrates with the visual aesthetics of superstructure.

The superstructure has 16.6m wide deck and 40m typical span with 43m maximum span. The project also includes a 60m second level rail over bridge and an elevated rotary interchange along with 3 spans of 32.5m ladder deck type box steel superstructure with a radius


Tirupati Smart City Corporation Limited


Afcons Infrastructure Limited


INR 750 Crores


Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

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Technical Details

Total Length

Approx 9.8 Kms including 6.860 Kms elevated viaduct

Typical Span


Special span

34m-43m spans at crossroad junctions 60m above railway line


Cast in one go Spine and wing post tensioned box girder

Deck width –16.6m

Steel composite for railway span and sharp curvature in ramps


Aesthetically pleasing flaring pier heads

Rectangular piers

1200mm dia piles


Inspired by deity Lord Venkateswara’s Garuda (Eagle) to capture the local culture

Spine and wing to symbolize the bird eagle and Tilak on piers