Wadi RTO Flyovers

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Project Overview

The urban region of Nagpur, being the center for commerce in central India, as well as being near the geographical center of India, experiences a lot of traffic, in and out of the city. To decongest a number of important traffic junctions, two number flyovers are constructed to allow for smoother traffic flow and to avoid traffic jams.

Scope of work includes proof checking of detailed design as well as value engineering wherever possible. Majority of the length of the project is elevated with 40m typical spans of single cell strutted box girder. Spans are constructed using pre-cast segmental method over open and pile foundation as per geotechnical requirements. A special span of 65m is designed with Ultra high-performance Fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC).

Being intensely involved from planning phase of the project’s allowed for a much better brain-storming and technical discussion for all stakeholders, from designer, contractor, proof checker and client, we were able to deliver a very smooth design phase of the project, with speedy decision making and comparison of options.


Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORT&H)


T & T Infra Limited


INR 400 Crores


Nagpur, Maharashtra

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Technical Details

Total Length

4.79 Km

Typical Span


Special span


(UHPFRC U Girders)


Precast segmental Post tensioned box girder with concrete struts to support large cantilever

Deck width 21m


Aesthetically detailed pier cap over rectangular piers

1200m dia friction piles