Tanalung Chu Bridge

Damchu-Chukha, Bhutan

Project Overview

The Tanalung Chu is a picturesque 105m span cantilever bridge located on the important Damchu-Chukha Road in Bhutan above a 120m deep gorge.  It will reduce the travel time between Phuntsholing-Thimpu by one hour and reduce journey by around 19.5 Km of steep uphill driving.

The bridge features two cantilever arms (integral with the abutments) which are connected at the center using a needle girder. The needle girder allows for the expansion/contraction of the two cantilever arms due to temperature while keeping the two decks connected for traffic movement. The deck width is 12.0m with footpaths on both side and can cater to two lanes of traffic.


Directorate General Border Roads


Poddar Construction Company


INR 45 Crores


Damchu-Chukha, Bhutan

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Technical Details

Total Length


(Abutments + Span)

Typical Span

Special span



Cast in situ post tensioned Single cell PSC box girder

Deck width 12m


Compartmentalized box abutments filled with engineered soil provide counterweight to cantilever span

Open foundation on rock


Constructed using cantilever technique, emerging from both end abutments

Two arms connected by means of steel needle girder inside box section