Deopani Bridge

Roing, Anurachal Pradesh

Project Overview

The Deopani bridge is a beautiful 300m long balance cantilever bridge located on the picturesque Deopani river in the Dibang valley in eastern Arunachal Pradesh. Construction of this bridge has been herculean task going by the turbulent history of bridging on this river gap. As many as half a dozen bridges got washed away at this location and the road leading to Anini on the Chinese border remained out off, at times for months together. Now the bridge provides a permanent and safe passage.

The bridge features deep well foundations to safeguard the foundation against the river scour. The span arrangement is 50+100+100+50. The superstructure is continuous and is integral with the mid pier. The deck width is 12.0m with footpaths on both side and can cater to two lanes of traffic.


Border Roads Organization (BRO)


Poddar Construction Company


INR 50 Crores


Roing, Anurachal Pradesh

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Technical Details

Total Length


50m + 2 x 100m + 50m

Typical Span

Special span



Cast in situ post tensioned Single cell PSC box girder

Deck width 12m


Wall type piers

Well foundations


Constructed using Balance cantilever technique