Vadodara – Mumbai Expressway Pkg 1

Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Overview

Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway is proposed eight lane expressway in India. The proposed Main Expressway passes through the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. The total length of the proposed expressway is about 379 km and runs generally parallel to the existing NH-8. The Package I of the Expressway starts from Km 355+000 and ends at Km 378.740 (Km 80 of NE-1) near Vadodara. It passes through Vadodara district in the state of Gujarat

The design contract included detailed design of total 7 nos. special structures falling in the package. ROB approaches of length ~1200m which includes 3 span semi-integral units. Single row of piles are provided at location of integral substructure which resulted in substantial reduction of steel and concrete requirements in the foundation. Single span Integral Pergola is designed to reduce over 100m skew span (for a skew angle 70 degree) to 37m square spans resting on single row of piles at each abutment face.


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)


L&T Constructions


INR 1300 Crores


Vadodara, Gujarat

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Technical Details

Total Length

24 km including roads and structures

Typical Span

30m & 35m

Special span



3 Span Integral Module, Pergola Type structure with PSC I girder, Cast-in Situ Box Girder

Deck width –2×21.25


2 pier / 3 pier Portal systems supported on single row of pile foundations

1000mm / 1200mm dia friction piles


Very high skew structures

Integral structures on single row of piles