Mankhurd Ghatkopar Flyover

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Project Overview

This elevated flyover forms a vital connection with the old city of Mumbai to the newly developing Navi Mumbai. It directly connects the eastern expressway and freeway to the critical Thane creek bridge which is by far the only connection of southern Mumbai to Navi Mumbai.

The elevated flyover consists typically of PSC box girder. The obligatory spans with lengths of 50m and 60m are bridged with steel composite superstructure and Force SE was entrusted to perform the detailed engineering of these special spans along with a down ramp.

For obligatory spans with nearly 26m wide deck, the narrow width of pier cap for PSC box girder posed a challenge of long cantilever in cast in situ deck slab. The same was achieved by providing steel fins emerging from the external girders.

The down ramp is constructed using single cell PSC box girder to cater to its sharp radius of 80m


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)


JMC Projects (India) Ltd.


INR 730 Crores


Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Technical Details

Total Length


Typical Span


Special span

50m and 60m


Steel I girder with cast in situ deck slab (composite) superstructure

Deck width 26m


Aesthetically detailed hammerhead pier cap over rectangular pier

1200m dia friction piles


Steel wings to support the large cantilever of deck.