An organization is as good as its people and we at Force are proud of our people and our work culture. Each and every team member, be it an engineer, a draughtsman or our office boy, takes pride and complete responsibility of their work and as the company performs, our people also reap the benefits from company’s growth.

Collaboration is the key to a great team and we foster an environment where, teamwork and debate is highly encouraged. We have an open work culture, without any cabins or walls. Everyone sits together and collaborate and everyone is ready to help out. We discuss technical issues in each other’s projects and learn from each other.

Our focus is to develop the best Engineers in the world with such a grasp on subject matter that they become the undisputed authority on the subject. It is our mission that every member of team force wakes up in the morning and is excited to come to work and tackle a new challenge. So we provision our projects in such a way that everyone gets a wide exposure and gets to work on projects that are new to them, to foster their learning. As they say “the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fires”, so too we are force take up the most challenging projects, enabling our team to become the best.

But, all work and play makes jack a dull boy and boy, do we work hard and play hard. Monthly we have team activities like cricket, football, card games etc. which foster team spirit and sportsmanship, not to mention our people can let their hair down. They are not only colleagues but friends.