NH-47 & NH-47B


4-Laning Villukuri to Kanyakumari from KM 70.250 to KM 96.714 section of NH-47 and Nagercoil to Kavalkinaru from KM 0+00 to KM 16+376 section of NH-47B under NHDP phase-III in the state of Tamil Nadu on EPC mode


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)


L & T

Scope of work

Detailed design of structures

project description

The project corresponds to 4-Laning of National Highways NH-47 and NH-47B in Tamil Nadu under NHDP Phase-III, to improve travel time from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari. The national highway is mostly a Greenfield alignment with short stretches of widening of existing roads. The design length of highway is 42.84 Km.

A large number of structures fall within the project alignment including 18 nos. bridges, 2 nos. ROB, 1 nos. interchange, 14 nos. underpasses and 90 nos. culverts. L & T has appointed Force to design all structures including retaining walls for the project scope. This large volume of structures were designed and approval was sought from multiple agencies (IIT, Railways, Proof checker, Authority Engineer, Client) within a short time frame to facilitate site construction activity.

Force has provided significant site support, in very short time frames, during the construction phase, for the benefit of project completion and client satisfaction, including:

  1. 2 nos. ROBs were designed as RC girder spans as per contract proposal. Following discussion with Railways, the ROBs were redesigned with structural steel composite spans and support was provided to L&T to claim COS for the work.
  2. National Green Tribunal (NGT) had instructed L&T to introduce multiple new bridges over water bodies, in the middle of project execution. Force has designed intermediate structures between new bridges and original scope structures for ease of construction.
  3. Many pipe culverts were redesigned as box culverts as per the instruction of NHAI.
  4. 3 bridges were provided with multiple structural options (including detailed design and drawings) like PSC girders, multi span box etc, to achieve material and construction economy.