Mumbai Vadodara Expressway


Construction of Eight Lane Vadodara Kim Expressway from Km 355.00 to Km 378.740 (Padra to Vadodara Section of Vadodara Mumbai Expressway) in the State of Gujarat under NHDP Phase VI


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)


L & T

Scope of work

Detailed design of structures

project description

The proposed project corresponds to Construction of Vadodara Kim Expressway from Km 355.0 to Km 378.740 (Padra-Vadodara Section of Vadodara Mumbai Expressway) in the State of Gujarat under NHDP Phase - VI. The Expressway is a Greenfield alignment and the alignment passes in Vadodara District of Gujarat. The design length of the expressway is 23.74 Km.

A number of structures fall within this project alignment including 2 nos. Interchanges, 6 nos. Flyovers, 5 nos. VUPs, 11 nos. CUPs, 2 nos. Major Bridges, 4 nos. Minor Bridges, 5 nos. Bridges over Gas lines and 2 nos. ROBs. L & T has appointed Force SE to design a total of 7 technically challenging structures from the project scope. Below are some key highlights of the structural designs:

  1. ROB approaches of length ~1200m which includes 3 span semi-integral units. Single row of piles are provided at location of integral substructure which resulted in substantial reduction of steel and concrete requirements in the foundation.
  2. Single span Integral Pergola is designed to reduce over 100m skew span (for a skew angle 70 degree) to 37m square spans resting on single row of piles at each abutment face.
  3. Box girders of 42m span box resting on 2 isolated piers (along transverse direction) are designed for 28m deck and 25m width of carriageways.
  4. A combination of semi-integral units and simply supported spans are adopted for other Gas line bridges to achieve economy and faster construction time.

Our team has dedicatedly spend time on Research & Development to explore several structural arrangement and come-up with best design solutions for client which are both economic and time-efficient given the scale of project.